Best refueling experience: HyValve 1000 (DN6)

06.06.2023 Ease of mind in refueling with our high pressure solenoid valve up to 1000 bar.

Boasting best-in-class performance, the HyValve 1000 (DN6) assures an exceptional hydrogen refueling experience. Due 
to its high flow rate, a fast filling process in a safe environment is possible. No matter where your hydrogen refueling station is located, the HyValve 1000 operates reliably and within a broad temperature range. A compact design and long lifespan help to reduce space, investment and maintenance costs in any refueling system application.

We aim to be your partner in building a hydrogen economy. For your peace of mind, our solenoid high pressure hydrogen valves were honed for long maintenance periods and easy serviceability.

Our HyValve range will convince you by its high repeatability, utmost safety and exceptional reliability.


  • compact design
  • 2/2-way solenoid valve, NC
  • Design Pressure: 10 ... 1'050 bar (145 ... 15'228 psi)
  • endless flexibilty in mounting
  • Temperature range: -50 °C ... +85 °C

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