Static seals for hydrogen at high pressure

23.12.2022 Simulating and evaluating the sealing capability of gasket material with the help of a Finite Element Analysis method is still a challenge when it is applied for gaseous hydrogen system where high pressure and low temperature are present.

By Agim Gashi and Lucian Pasieka

In our paper we show the preparation and execution of a FEA of a static O-ring seal which is designed for gaseous hydrogen application. The aim was to perform a simulation to verify the reliability capability of a seal already in service under a temperature range from - 40 °C up to T = + 85 °C and a system pressure of up to p = 1000 bar. Material investigations were carried out to establish the basis of a suitable material model. As to evaluate the quality of the sealing we choose to use the contact pressure between the O-ring and the surrounding surfaces.

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