Top-quality high-pressure solenoid valves

Our sophisticated, high-performance and reliable solenoid valves set the new standard in hydrogen refueling.


up to

1000 bar
Flow rate
Kv max. 3.577 m3/h
Compact and sturdy construction, housing made of stainless steel
Electromagnetic actuation

Temperature range

Operates between -50 °C and +85 °C

HyValve high-pressure solenoid valves for hydrogen refueling

Our high-pressure solenoid valves are the product of meticulous Swiss workmanship, trail-blazing technology and innovative excellence. With our magnetic HyValve products you gain independence, flexibility and economy – and a partner that will raise the refueling experience to the next level in collaboration with you.

Seitz' HyValve product line

The Seitz HyValve product range has been developed for H35 and H70 hydrogen refueling for pressure ranges up to 500 or 1000 bar. Due to the compact design of the valves and the omission of the installation of air lines as with pneumatic systems, you can save space, investment and maintenance costs for your refueling system. Combined with optimal flow and fast filling, our HyValve series convinces with high availability due to the wide temperature range, high repeatability, highest safety and exceptional reliability.

Features Benefits
Compact design minimal space requirements
Extended temperature range maximum availability of the HRS (Hydrogen Refueling Stations)
Electromagnetic actuation lower capital investment and operating costs
Optimum flow quantity faster refueling
Operates in any orientation great flexibility
Sturdy construction longer service life
Low maintenance costs greater economy
Extraordinary reliability maximum safety

In a nutshell

Carefully considered design

Our solenoid valves for hydrogen refueling stations are of robust, durable construction but thanks to their compact design they take up minimal space.

Sophisticated technology

Our valves are electromagnetically controlled, which significantly reduces operating costs. Thanks to many years’ experience and specialist knowledge in the field of flow simulation and materials science, we optimize flow quantity and enable faster refueling.

New flexibility

HyValve products give you greater flexibility: The hydrogen refueling valves operate in any orientation and within a wide temperature range.

HyValve product line

Reliable, sophisticated and top-quality: Below you will find an overview of our existing 500 bar as well as 1000 bar high pressure solenoid valves for hydrogen refueling.

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